12.10.11 10:39

daz jukes

fished heron pool on the 11th oct and bagged up big time caught on chopped worm and caster, and pellet shallow.
it was non stop all day only fished for 5 hours and had close to 250lb, brilliant fishery there pellets arent as expensive as other fisheries you get plenty for £2.50 and the owners are really friendly. Cant wait to get back there and fish some of there matches


28.09.11 23:23


fished elmbridge few times now , great pool , feeding the right amount on feeding fish can prove deadly just fishing 2 foot out , dead maggots flavored in crill flavoring down the margins with a maruka JPZ soft hooker pellet , works a treat !


03.07.11 19:41


First time at Elmbridge today, and what a great day. The other local fishermen were very friendly and although new to fishing got a new PB 21lb 6oz. That is on top of 5 fish that were 10lb plus.
The fish looked very healthy and catching them was real sport in every sense. Will be going back very soon




03.06.11 20:02


i fished @ elmbridge a few months ago for the first time not had the net to put a post on. i came to elmbridge with my mate marc (a few posts down) the fishing was slow but that was down to the fish spawning but by god it was the best 24 hours fishing that i have ever done i would recommend elmbridge to anyone. the staff are very friendly and the accomodation was very clean and tidy and the fish we did have matched that i will be returning to elmbridge when i have the time off work so a big thanks to the staff an i look forward to seeing you in the near future


29.04.11 11:23


had a great day sunday fishing on the peacock pool didnt get ther till half 2 stll had well over 25 fish avrrege between 4-15 lb had a great little tench bout half lb lol great day you wont be disapointed :)


06.04.11 12:38

wayne smiley

I have fished Elmbridge on many occassions in the past and continue to do so with my son and friends,its not often you get a water recommended that does actually deliver whats promised but this place does,im looking forward to getting some night fishing here in the coming months as it can be prolific(as my son proves to me every time we go)and we're off there tomorrow for the day so happy days. trust me try it


03.04.11 19:15


i have only been carp fishing for 6months now & a close friend (from yorkshire, as stated in the comment below) has been 'raving' about this fishery he used to attend many years ago, it was a standing joke between us, that tony, my friend, was going to take me to a 'real' fishery 1 day..........
last monday was that day,
boy did tony and elmbridge deliver the goods!!!
scenery like you wouldnt believe, outstanding fishing, (both carp & match), well maintained pools & a good head of carp (with intact mouths) that are a pleasure to catch!!!
in a short day sesh, between us we had aprox 40lb of carp, average 8lb & non stop bream all day long to about 20lb of.

needless to say, it left such a lasting impression, tony is makeing that same trip, a week later, so we may grace the banks again tomorrow!!
thanks again & tight lines every1!!
c u 2moz ;-)


02.04.11 16:34


I used to fish Elmbridge regularly 7 years ago and I thought it was a great place to get away from the kids and have great days/weekends fishing. This week I decided to travel from Hessle in Yorkshire just to give it 1 more try. And i must say it was well worth travelling over 200 miles. Great scenery, Great pools and Excellent fishing to go with it. The owner/organiser is the most pleasent of hosts and has a smile and manners to match the scenery. Recomend this place every time! Try it.

25.01.11 00:28

Terry finch

Hi all iv pleasure fished it for years wot a grate place


14.11.10 12:05

Karl Hagger

Fished Pheasant Pool a couple of times in the summer, what is a good bait to use this time of year in this pool and are the carp still feeding well??


15.09.10 13:17


We held a company friendly pleasure match here at Elmbridge on Monday 13th September to raise money for charity.
Apart from the showers all day, a great days fishing was had by all 16 anglers. There were a number of carp caught well over 10lb and a couple over 15lb.
A great place to fish. The pools are well stocked and looked after.
We will definately be fishing there again soon!


13.08.10 15:03

Oliver Williams

Fished a full day yesterday on a pleasure session - heron pool on the feeder - had a great day caught from the off - good stamp of fish up tight against the 1st island - defo be back for more next week


13.07.10 19:45


Fished a match on saturday 10th for the Beauford ac on the peacock, drew the peg on point of the island opposite the pampas grass , i was into fish from the off. Fishing up in the water with casters , with double caster on a size 18 hook, tight against the concrete post , after an hour the peg was allive with fish . Finished 1st with 92lb , Mick rushton 2nd 65lb, J Downing 3rd 48lb


13.07.10 17:04

l morgan

i fished elmbridge for the first time on sunday and i had a great day on the peacock pool i caught plenty of carp between 8 and 16lb will definetly be visiting again very soon.


12.07.10 14:47

carl falconer

I was invited to a club match on 11th july with the Grapes pub.

I had a great afternoon fishing with the club and at Elbridge fishery.
1st was Mark Chard with 149lb
2nd was Carl Falconer with 144lb

Thanks again


05.07.10 20:31

matthew peters

fished pheasant pool last friday it was superb had over 30 carp biggest weighing 15 lbs just below the surface on bread rite by the island ! i will be visiting it again hopefully for a night fishing session on the peacock poll heard some great stuff bout it!


21.06.10 04:47


fished here last week at peacock pool. had a fantastic day, it was blazing hot and the fishing never stopped all day. fishing as close to the island as i could get brought great results, couple of inches away got bites within 5 minutes of each cast, best fish of the day 10lb 60z and some of the best quality fish iv ever seen!

returning back tomorrow so will post but defo recommend!


05.04.10 16:07


wot is good on the middle pool cuz i am thinking of com ing tomorow adjust wondered what fished well

15.03.10 22:35


how old do you have to be to night fish


20.02.10 00:40

Jack Parkes

How old do you have to be to do 24 hour ?


04.02.10 18:00

Jack Morris

A* Would Recomend To Anyone


18.10.09 17:21


i fished it saturday 17 october 2009 and i had 40lb of carp on the pheasant pool amazing day!


14.09.09 20:34

darren gelder

The open that took place on sunday 13th 2009 was a pleasure to fish with the main man himself jim running the show it was a well organised day. This venue has got some of the biggest fish i've ever seen pulled out during a match and the wieghts for this time of year were'nt bad either. I advise you try this venue you wont be dissapointed from all the lads at hop & barleycorn coseley.


27.07.09 22:42


Elmbridge has my recomendation. Its well managed and the facilities are excellent.


20.07.09 16:31

daniel powell

fished it twice framed twice great venue stocked superbly want a days fishing u will get one here


23.06.09 14:30


anyone know if there are any 20's in pheasant pool if so how many?


21.06.09 02:15

Adam cooke

Caught a 11-14-0 common from heron pool on saturday 20th june :)


16.04.09 01:30

Greg D.R.N.R.A.C

it states the biggest fish in herron is 16 pound... 2 or 3 yrs bk i witnessed a 21 pound and numerous 15 pluses

25.01.09 16:15


pheasant pool has got to be the best place I've ever fished my biggest carp out of there was a beautiful mirror which weighted almost 21lb


15.11.08 01:24

callum berry

do u know if elmbridge lakes do juniour matches ???


20.10.08 00:07

Nigel Dale

Pleasure fished heron pool on a sunny oct. sunday afternoon, caught 14 carp in total , 5 over 6lb and the biggest was 9.5lb.
Plenty of pegs to choose from, so give the venue a try as other
2 pools look inviting too!


22.09.08 04:52

lee fidoe

i have fished loads of different venues in the midlands but yet only fishing here twice this is by far my favorite,another good thing is that the 2 times ive been the weather has been really bad but the fish just kept coming and made me forget the weather was bad at all!!.
im looking to get more practice on the venue so i can start fishing the opens its a place ill allways return to


18.08.08 20:10

sean turner

18/08 - pleasure fished heron pool with my son and his mate. cracking day i caught in excess of 100lb of fish, 8 fish weighing 8lb each, i only caught 2 fish weighing less then 5lb.
My two lads also had a good day catching around 60 lb of fish between them.Definitely returning to this venue.


18.08.08 07:38

mick butler

stretton a.c we had a great match on sat 16th,every one caught and the top weight was 89lb.we are thinking of booking for next year could you let me know of sat free in aug or sept.thanks mick


27.06.07 16:38

Max Worton

Great lake, I would recommend it to anyone looking to fish in the Midlands area.



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